Dry Van Trailers

Dry Van Trailers

We have been providing dry van trailers in Natalia, Texas since 1980. We partner with major trailer manufacturers in the trucking and trailer industry to deliver our new and existing customers with trailers that will meet their needs.

What is a Dry Van Trailer?

Understanding dry van trailers and the high demands are key to any business. Dry van trailers, which is also known as dry freight vans are usually about 53 feet long.

There are different types of dry van trailers though, some trailers (vans) consists of spring or air ride suspensions and their length can be from 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, 51, and as long as 53 feet. The width of these dry van trailers by default are about 96-102 inches in width and the heights of these trailers are about 12.5-13.5 feet

Some trailers come with an aluminum platform (van with a rail lift) and these dimensions can vary depending on what the trailer is being used for. The standard trailer comes with swing doors, aluminum roof, and a wood floor.

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